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AXYS Technologies – Business Process Improvement

Giving AXYS Technologies an as-is assessment and ERP Implementation Plan to ensure continuous rapid growth

The Challenge

AXYS Technologies Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the Design, Manufacture and Deployment of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide. They have recently experienced rapid growth and were looking to upgrade their current ERP to keep up with this trend. Before completing this task, they wanted to make sure that their processes were standardized for continuous future growth. They engaged us because of our extensive experience in systems alignment and business process standardization.

The Objectives

Business Process Review: We conduct a comprehensive review of the current business processes. This allows us to identify changes that will streamline and create standardized processes throughout the organization.

Systems Alignment: We complete a thorough review of current systems in use. This helps identify areas of improvement within each system and process.

The Results

As a result of their engagement with us, AXYS achieved process and service improvements in both their Finance and Services departments. The project resulted in a positive shift in the organizations culture to continually improve. Our engagement gave them a clear sight towards making a decision towards systems changes and implementation as well as a clear understanding of their current business processes.

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