MEC – Business Process Review to Align Strategic Objectives

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MEC – Business Process Review to Align Strategic Objectives

MEC – Business Process Review and Implementation of Quick-Wins to Align with Strategic Objectives


Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is Canada’s Largest Outdoor provider. Headquartered in Vancouver, with over 40 years’ experience MEC engaged Propel to lead a Business Process Review to identify and create capacity for growth within four key departments: IT, Marketing, Operations and Product Information. With a vast market of customers, MEC is required to be nimble and agile in creating product, blog and marketing content for particular segments. This engagement required Propel to conduct a workload analysis to redesign, optimize and standardize business processes to support MEC’s increased need to become more responsive to their customers.


As-Is Process Design: Propel conducted a comprehensive review of the current processes within four key departments: IT, Marketing, Operations and Product Information. Our consultants worked with stakeholders to map 34 of their current processes into 14 cross-functional process maps. Propel facilitated functional and cross-functional critique sessions in order to uncover opportunities for process improvement.

Workload and Gap Analysis: From interviews with stakeholders, group workshops and a review of business process improvement best practices, Propel conducted a Gap Analysis to outline process and workload gaps and to suggest feasible alternatives to mitigate the gaps. Process improvements were identified that would span across multiple teams that would decrease lead time from concept ideation to deployment and increase the organizations ability to be responsive to its customers.

Design and Implementation of Recommendations: Propel designed the project to improve employee engagement through better understanding of the end-to-end processes and prepared the organization for the proposed changes. Actions to address the gaps were prioritized by stakeholders and classified into short-term, medium-term and long-term implementation timelines for MEC to incorporate with their current/future strategic objectives.

Development of a Management Toolkit: Propel’s Business Process Improvement team worked with executives to develop a comprehensive management toolkit with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success on daily, weekly and monthly basis.


All work was completed on time and on budget. As a result of the engagement, MEC achieved process and service improvements through clearly defined roles and responsibilities, elimination of duplicate work and standardization of procedures. Overall, this project aligned the six teams to support the strategic objectives of the business to expand on innovative ideas and heighten their success within their various market segments.

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