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Small Business BC – Training and implementation for new system

Ensuring a Seamless System Transition at Small Business BC

The Challenge

Small Business BC, a knowledge-based resource centre for small businesses across British Columbia selected a new system in order to continually improve client service and operations. They required on-hand support to ensure that their people and business processes were aligned throughout the system implementation. Propel Solutions was selected to support Small Business BC’s transition to the new system.

The Objectives

Prepare Organization for Upcoming System: Our team worked with Small Business BC stakeholders to ensure the configuration and selection of plugins so that the system would meet the organization’s unique needs. Our team performed a data review and facilitated data configuration workshops so that Small Business BC would be able to fully leverage the features and flexibility of the new system.

Facilitate System Testing: To make sure that the system was configured to meet Small Business BC’s needs, we tested each of the documented processes to ensure that they were operational in the new system. DMS developed test scripts for each of the processes identified including Stakeholder Management, Sponsorship, Communications and Education. We involved staff in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to confirm that users were able to navigate and utilize the new system in performing their daily work.

Procedure Development and Training: To assist with the learning and mastery of the new system as well as consistent data entry amongst users, our team documented system procedures and provided training to support Small Business BC’s users. Training materials were process-based so that every user knew how their workflow interacted with the new system.

The Results

A successful “Go-Live” was achieved with 100% compliance in using the new system. Users are fully confident in using the system to perform their daily work. Through the system implementation, less time is being expended on manual processes leaving more time for the organization to focus on their strategic direction.

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